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  • 2023-08-22
    Why choose aluminum composite panel?
    1. Good weather resistance, high strength, and easy maintenance.2. Convenient construction and short construction period.3. Excellent processability, heat insulation, sound insulation, and excellent f...
  • 2023-08-22
    The Application Status of Aluminum Composite Panel
    Aluminum plastic plate, as a high-tech composite material product, has a history of more than 30 years since its research and development in Europe in the 1960s. Its various properties are also consta...
  • 2023-08-22
    The Use of Aluminum composite panel
    1. Building exterior walls, curtain wall panels.2. Renovation and renovation of the exterior walls of the old building.3. Balconies, equipment units, indoor compartments.4. Panels, signage boards, dis...
  • 2023-08-22
    Aluminum composite panel (new decorative material)
    Aluminum plastic composite board (also known as aluminum plastic board), as a new type of decorative material, was introduced from Germany to China in the late 1980s and early 1990s. With its economy,...

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