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The Application Status of Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum plastic plate, as a high-tech composite material product, has a history of more than 30 years since its research and development in Europe in the 1960s. Its various properties are also constantly improving and improving, and the product is widely used in the transportation industry, construction industry, and certain special industries, such as advertising industry. Especially in the construction industry, it is widely used due to its light weight per unit area, high relative strength, and ease of processing and installation. From indoor to outdoor decoration in buildings, from low-rise buildings to high-rise buildings, the figure of aluminum plastic panels can be seen. At the same time, there is a very strict and certified operating standard in the application process of aluminum plastic panels abroad to ensure that they can be used correctly. Especially when products are applied to buildings, their product certification and user units must strictly comply with relevant regulations. Due to a strict certification system, the application of composite aluminum plastic panels in foreign countries, especially in Europe, has been advancing in the past thirty years, with new products and systems constantly emerging.

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